Western University Music Building Addition & Renovation – LEED Gold
January 1, 2017
Western University Biological and Geological Sciences Renovation
January 1, 2017

This is a $16 million renovation of a three-storey 8,000 m2 secondary school, originally constructed in 1928. Prior to renovation the building was heated by a large steam boiler plant located in the basement with ventilation air provided by a 100% outside air makeup air handling unit also installed in the basement. No cooling was provided in the building. New air handling units are being provided with air source heat pump heating and cooling to reduce GHG emissions. Air distribution systems achieve optimum ventilation efficiency and demand-controlled ventilation is being provided for the gymnasium and cafeteria spaces. This project is currently under construction and expected to be completed in 2024.


$16 Million


8,000 m2


Windsor, ON




Greater Essex County District School Board

Year Completed: